Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this a replacement to my current HPS/Halogen/Incandescent setup?

A. While these strips can be used independently, many growers report BETTER yields while consuming LESSER energy by using a hybrid of your current setup + LEDs.

Q. How many LEDs per Grow Strip?

A. Each 20 in (50 cm) length of the Grow Strip has 30 LEDs in a 5:1 Red:Blue ratio.

Q. How do I install the Grow Strip?

A. The Grow Strip comes with a peel-out adhesive back that sticks on any rack or shelf. We recommend pasting this strip across the entire length and width of your section on the corners.

Q. How much length do I need?

A. There's a simple calculation involved here. First, what's the length of your section/shelf? Multiply that times 3. Example: If you have a 5ft section, we recommend getting 15ft of the Grow Strip.